09 1 / 2012

At 2:20 in the morning, Max and I have been playing the Game Cube game Animal Crossing since 7 p.m. earlier today.  That is almost seven and a half hours of Animal Crossing ALONE (we played Mario Smash Bros. for an hour before too).  I am demanding an intervention!  Come tomorrow morning, we will dedicate ourselves to the epic interterm scavenger hunt assigned to us by my dad, and dare to travel OUTSIDE!  This list, although challenging, shall be legendary.  Here’s the list, for your own pleasure:

1.)  Photograph in front of the Hollywood sign wearing tourist outfits.

2.)  Map of the Hollywood star’s homes.

3.)  Napkin from the Malibu Inn

4.)  Guide from the Discovery Science Center and something “Star Wars” (there’s a Star Wars exhibit there right now)

5.)  Application filled out for a game show.

6.)  Photograph standing in front of the Griffith Park Observatory

7.)  Ticket from horse ride at Irvine Park.

8.)  Picture in front of Paramount Studio’s gate

9.)  Stick from a Balboa Bar

10.)  Picture of Orange County from the Orange Balloon in the Great Park

11.)  Postcard from the Ghetti Museum

I will be blogging more about our travels. and feel free to follow this list as well when looking for your own adventure! :)

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